Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Start! Eating Healthy Day

Did you know that today is Start Eating Healthy Day?  This was posted by the American Heart Association.

 Start! Eating Healthy Day
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One way to your heart health may be through your stomach

So the American Heart Association urges you to take another look at what's on your plate. Especially on November 4, Start! Eating Healthy Day.

That Wednesday is a time to pay a little extra attention to food choices and make any dietary changes appropriate to form heart-healthy eating habits. The American Heart Association stands ready to help, offering healthy eating resources online, including health tips, articles and recipes.

Start! Eating Healthy Day is for you. And it's for your company--which can support employees in their efforts by stocking drink and snack machines with healthy choices, providing a heart-healthy menu in the cafeteria, bringing in nutritionists or dieticians to speak, or treating staff to fruit or other healthful snacks.

Start! is an American Heart Association campaign to help protect or improve cardiovascular health by building more physical activity into daily life. Designed as a workplace-based walking program, Start! encourages companies to urge their employees to walk during the business day. Start! Eating Healthy Day adds another dimension to the initiative.

In a nation where being overweight or obese has reached an epidemic level, it's necessary to start somewhere to improve cardiovascular health. Start! Eating Healthy Day is a good beginning.

Start! is sponsored nationally by Subway, Healthy Choice and AstraZeneca. In Kentucky, it is supported by the University of Kentucky and Western Baptist Hospital

You can check out their website for a great walking program.  Find out if there are any walking paths in your area.  I also found that they have a grocery list builder under resources.

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